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C&L Electric

Meet The Team

Our Vision

To be the electrical contractor of choice for all people and businesses, and to be the employer of choice for electricians.


Mission Statement

At C&L Electric, we power excellence through quality, consistency, and dynamic solutions. Guided by a devoted corporate culture, we prioritize relationships, progression, and safety. Committed to elevating industry standards, and delivering high-value services, We are always raising the bar.


Core Values Values:

Quality: Excellence, precision, attention to detail.


Consistency: Reliability, uniformity, steadfastness.


Communication: Transparency, openness, effective sharing.




Dynamic: Adapting with agility to industry changes, always ready for new challenges.


Services & Solutions: Offering innovative, client-focused solutions that power success.




Culture: Fostering a work environment where shared values create a strong sense of unity.

Relationships: Building trust through collaborative relationships, recognizing each team member's contribution.

Progression: Encouraging continuous improvement and learning for professional growth.


Physical: Prioritizing the physical well-being of our team, ensuring a secure work environment.

Well-being: Supporting mental health and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our team members.

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